When you know what you want to say, but you can't find the words to say it…


A letter of congratulations may be saved for a lifetime.

This letter should be specifically related to some event. To be effective, it should address whatever the person or group did that they are being congratulated for. Some people just like to be congratulated and you can jolly them along with non-specific phrases (you did a great job, thanks!). This is not enough for most people. Most people want to know that you actually noticed what they did and are acknowledging their accomplishment.

Here are sample letters of congratulations. Each letter was written in Microsoft® Word® (ending in .doc) using the font Times, and also saved in pdf and .swf formats. Unless you actually removed it from your font list, Times is available on your computer. These letters can be copied and pasted into Microsoft® Word® or any other word processing application including text editors, and changed to suit your needs.

Use appropriate stationery (now can be the time for balloons) and fonts (Comic Sans and Sand may be appropriate depending on the age of the recipient).

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