When you know what you want to say, but you can't find the words to say it…

Thank You Letters

Thank you letters/notes are perhaps the most boring, difficult and necessary letters to write. When someone has sent or brought you a gift the least you can do is write a letter of thanks. The problem comes with the number of letters you need to write, such as for wedding presents. The good news is that most people don't compare thank you letters so you can more or less safely use one letter as a template for all, changing just the name of the gift (toaster, bread machine, plates, etc.) and the name of the recipient (Dear Grandma, Dear Aunt Sue, etc.)

Here are sample letters/notes of thanks for a child, a teenager, a job applicant and a bride/groom. Thank you letters/notes need to be hand-written on a bought Thank You card. If you are talented in art you may make your own card(s). You may also use a blank card or a made-for-computer template. This message must be hand written or hand printed. Do not email a Thank You letter/note. Send it through snail mail with first class postage.

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Thank You Bride/Groom
Thank You Employment Interview
Thank You From Child
Thank You From Teenager